I made this for dinner the other evening. I know the recipe says that it is a breakfast dish but I added a little salad of pea shoots and called it dinner.

Quick, easy and tasty!


If this weekend had to be described in one word it would be productive. I was a machine!
Let me tell you about it!
Day One
I went rollerskating for the first time in about 15 years! I was dressed in full 80's gear, I didn't fall and I learned the more advanced method of turning corners which involves the tricky leg cross over trick which I have never been able to do. That's all that I managed to fit into the first day and I did so damn good at it that I don't care if it doesn't sound like much.

Day Two
I watched my back log of a bazzion episodes of What Not to Wear and For Rent. This may not sound very productive but cleaning the PVR is definitely a task not to be take lightly. I also sanded and prepped the kitchen table for painting and gave the table its first two coats of paint! In the afternoon I headed over to a friends house were we turned an old Ikea bed into a vertical planter for the balcony. I'm going to plant some lettuce and radishes in it!

Day Three
I realized that although I had planned on filing my taxes months ago I still hadn't even started looking for the secret location of my T4 slip!! And I knew that if I wanted to at least avoid the usually 15 minutes before midnight scramble I should buckle down and start looking for that T4. So I got all my info together, and started the process. I did a bit of work, work that I didn't get to before the long weekend began. I made a super yummy cake for Easter Dinner and added another coat of paint to the kitchen table before heading out for dinner.

Day Four
I spilt my coffee in bed. At least I didn't spill on the iPad. So the morning started with washing linens and trying to remove coffee from the mattress. I then moved on to house cleaning and I cleaned the house top to bottom and even the fish tank got cleaned. I finished and submitted my taxes, finished up the kitchen table and sewed a new pillow cover.

I know, I'm awesome. I am also planning on spending the rest of the week watching this.


I bought a sheepskin this weekend.

I secretly bought it for my cat Charlie. In my mind I just couldn't stop thinking about Charlie snuggled up and sleep in it. Cuteness overload!!

Charlie hates it!

He refuses to sit on the couch near it. And yesterday when I decided to see how it would look draped over a kitchen chair he got really angry and began to attack it as soon as I got it settled on the chair.

I also want a dog because I think Charlie and a Shiba Inu puppy would look super cute sitting side by side. Hopefully this dream will come true for me at some point and Charlie will not hate his puppy friend too.


I have been a little unhappy with my kitchen table for a while now. I have also been watching far to many home decorating and design shows lately to just get over it. It isn't as if the table has a hole in the middle of it and a leg that is 2" shorter than the rest, it is just a fairly standard birch table. And while there really is nothing wrong with it I have grown tired of it. But every time I think that I'm just going to go ahead and buy a new table I remember that there is nothing wrong with the one I have and, I shouldn't just trash it because I'm bored of it.

So, I'm going to paint the table white!

I really don't have a lot/any actual experience with DIY projects but I like to think I have my wits about me and that I could pull something like this off. It is just painting after all. My big concern was the band of trim around the table that isn't wood and I really didn't know what to do about it. So I have been dragging my feet a little. But luck for me I have a father that is a pro at these types of projects and when my mom came for the weekend she brought a little package from my dad with everything I need to get the job done!

And, by next week I should have a lovely white table in my kitchen.


This is a post of random things all grouped together because they happened in March. I'm going to call it March Round-up! I know what you're thinking "Aren't all your post about random crap?". Well yes, yes they are but this seemed like a good idea today.

Mission Impossible 172 (yes I'm pretty sure it is 172) is currently filming here in Vancouver. And for 3 days the under belly of Granville Street was lite up like a… well like something really bright.

Vietnamese was had.

Charlie turned 1.


I have a new toy.

When I first got it I thought that it would surely help me keep on top of things and blog a lot more. But, by the way things are looking now I think it will just give me more reasons to play games.

Oh well!