If this weekend had to be described in one word it would be productive. I was a machine!
Let me tell you about it!
Day One
I went rollerskating for the first time in about 15 years! I was dressed in full 80's gear, I didn't fall and I learned the more advanced method of turning corners which involves the tricky leg cross over trick which I have never been able to do. That's all that I managed to fit into the first day and I did so damn good at it that I don't care if it doesn't sound like much.

Day Two
I watched my back log of a bazzion episodes of What Not to Wear and For Rent. This may not sound very productive but cleaning the PVR is definitely a task not to be take lightly. I also sanded and prepped the kitchen table for painting and gave the table its first two coats of paint! In the afternoon I headed over to a friends house were we turned an old Ikea bed into a vertical planter for the balcony. I'm going to plant some lettuce and radishes in it!

Day Three
I realized that although I had planned on filing my taxes months ago I still hadn't even started looking for the secret location of my T4 slip!! And I knew that if I wanted to at least avoid the usually 15 minutes before midnight scramble I should buckle down and start looking for that T4. So I got all my info together, and started the process. I did a bit of work, work that I didn't get to before the long weekend began. I made a super yummy cake for Easter Dinner and added another coat of paint to the kitchen table before heading out for dinner.

Day Four
I spilt my coffee in bed. At least I didn't spill on the iPad. So the morning started with washing linens and trying to remove coffee from the mattress. I then moved on to house cleaning and I cleaned the house top to bottom and even the fish tank got cleaned. I finished and submitted my taxes, finished up the kitchen table and sewed a new pillow cover.

I know, I'm awesome. I am also planning on spending the rest of the week watching this.

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