What can you do in 20 hours? As it turns out, a lot. Last weekend we took a bit of an impromptu trip to Seattle to visit my sister, brother in law and nephew. Since I had to be back at work at 8:30 on Monday morning there was a limited opening of time and I wanted to make the most of the day. So after a late night and yummy dinner with friends we got up at 4 am and caught the quickshuttle to Seattle.

The following took place between 4 am and 12 am:

Sunrise just after crossing the border.

And, we have arrived. 
Let the walking begin. We walked all day. From 9 am all the way till 8:30 pm. True story!

We met up with Little Bear for a donut and Top Pot.


"They" say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This year we are certainly getting a lot of  lion weather. And with the lion weather comes headaches for me. Last week I had terrible headache for 3 days! By the time the weekend finally came around I was feeling so beat that instead of my usually run around the seawall I picked up my camera and headed out for a walk.

My Saturday run is usually about 8.5 km which is usually totally doable for me. But for some reason walking that same route landed me in a world of hurt! I thought I was for sure going to pass out on the side of the Granville bridge or at least drop my camera over the edge. I guess the moral of the story is that it is ok to take it easy sometimes. And going for a 8.5 km walk doesn't qualify as taking it easy.


Charlie has decided that his first brush with fame wasn't enough. So he decided to enter a contest. Check him out!



This post has turned into a totally disaster! I started working on it weeks and weeks ago and for some sad reason I have been totally unable to get a handle on how to control where the text and images go! Some images are right aligned, some left and others centered. To top it all off this text was also showing up here there and everywhere! This is the best I can do. (and I'm not even going to try and add descriptions to the photos) So before I change my mind and spend another 3 weeks trying to do better, here you go. My house.


Happy Birthday Buddy! Maybe you should have taken it easy on the Birthday treats. That fat belly has immobilized you :)