So Dinner.

So dinner.
Ever come home from work and wonder what to make? Here is the answer.

As it turns out, it is just about the quickest thing to make, EVER and it is totally delicious.
I would suggest that you give it a go!


Clutter Removal

Perhaps you are like me, when you move into a new house you mind is full of grand ideas that at the time seem like they will change the world. Or at least change your world.

This was my thinking when I moved 6 months ago. I had plans and ideas! My first plan was to strategically placed a nice tray on the edge of the island in the kitchen. It was a convenient place to put keys, mail, receipts, you know, thing of that nature. But some how instead of putting the mail there and then cleaning it up and putting it away, the lovely catch-all tray just turned into a mass of clutter. Everything was throw in and just left for weeks on end. So it was time to abandon my genius plan and make a change. And the new solution WILL not encourage the collection of clutter.

Charlie, my partner in crime wasn't all that helpful. He spent most of his time lounging. He did however giving me a few encouraging meows now and again.

Ta-da! The final arrangement. No more massive pile of clutter. Now all I have to do is keep the fruit bowl stocked and the cat out of the fruit bowl. As is happens I have a cat the enjoys apricots, plums, peaches, and nectarine.

Now on to the next area! The espresso machine.


Who Would Have Thunk It?

According to the article that I just read tuxedo cats (which my lovely cat Charlie happens to be) are 200% smarter than other cats and their owners are way way better looking.

I'm just stating facts, so don't hate on me.

As you can see here Charlie is soooo smart that he will jump into my arms for a treat. Very smart indeed. I probably shouldn't mention that it takes a good 5 minutes of coaxing to get him to agree to expend that much energy.

Yes, I can actually cook.

When I cook I like to cook based on what I actually have around the house. And right now I have lemons. A lot of lemons! This is why I decided I needed to make sticky lemon chicken.

I know I said I was going to make it for dinner on Monday night. But I was to lazy and opted to just go out for Pho. However after dinner I was feeling a little less lazy and did manage to head over to the store and some ingredients. And last night I got down to business and made the sticky lemon chicken.

My clock must have been on fast forward because it took a little longer then the suggested 10 mins of prep time and 25 min of cooking time. But the recipe was easy and the chicken was nothing short of yummy!


If I didn't know better myself…

I would almost say that this is turning into a food blog! Tonight for dinner I think that I'm going to make Sticky Lemon Chicken. We'll see how that goes. Perhaps I will even have some pictures!


Things I want to make

I often find myself trolling the Internet looking at food blogs and recipe. And I usually find something that I would like to make. But unfortunately more often than not I end up forgetting what it way or where I found it before I ever have time to make it. This is one of those things that I would like to make! It look super yummy and pretty easy. Maybe one morning.