It was snowing this morning and I decided that I needed a real breakfast.
I bought cake pans. I have wanted a couple of round cake pans to make a red velvet layer cake for some time now. But occations to make layer cakes really don't come around that often.

Anyway, last weekend while I was out buying light bulbs I happened to find the pans that I had been eyeing on sale. I really couldn't pass them up. So I bought them, brought them home and spent the rest of week trying to think of a realistic way to use them. Two people really do not need to eat a whole cake!

The only thing to do was to have a dinner party! So guests were invited  and I made my cake: Marie-Helene's Apple Cake!


Pancake are a lovely weekend treat and I may have found one of the best recipes around. These pancakes are a tiny bit sweet, a little vanillaie,  fluffy, and always turnout perfectly! Even when I make adjustments to the recipe. I found the original recipe in Bon Appétit one Sunday morning when I had a serious hankering for pancakes and a little extra whole wheat flour that I wanted to use up. I have since adjust my version of the recipe to not include whole wheat flour because when I make pancakes I want them to be a treat not a reminder that I should be eating something more nutritious. (recipe after the jump)


What better way is there to spend Valentines day than in the best of company and eating yummy food? This year featured dinner at the newly open Stack House Burger Bar and chewy chocolate cookies of awesomeness.


I have been planning on posting pictures of my house for a while now but I have been held back by two things. Firstly, the house really needed a good cleaning. And secondly, you may find this hard to believe but I wasn't sure how to go about taking the photos! Yes it's true how does a girl with about six camera have this type if problem? Well I'll tell you, I have six cameras and only one is a digital camera and it is my cellphone.

So this weekend I cleaned house and decided to throw quality to the wind and used my cellphone to take pictures. Here is a sneak peak, I promise more are to come.


Today is a cleaning day. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to turn a new leave and become a "clean as you go" type person. However, that really hasn't panned out to well for me. So here I am knee deep in laundry and surrounded by things that need to get done.

But first I'm just going to sit here at my desk and stare at my inspirational clipboards and drink some tea. The clipboards are looking rather lovely and organized and clean if I do say so myself!


I bet you have been dying to know what I got up to this weekend. Well today is your lucky day! This weekend was spent dreaming of cleaning and revitalizing the whole house. In reality I only got around to organizing one cupboard and only the top half of it. What I lack in motivation I totally make up of in imagination. And organizing that top cupboard was an amazing improvement! All the random bags of rice, pasta, and baking type things are now grouped and put into containers together. And I bought stackable airtight containers to store things like flour, sugar dried fruit and all those types of things! It is a dream come true!!

Afterwards I decided to tested out my handy work by doing a little baking. And reorganization was a success!!


Grapefruit! I like'm a lot but never seem to buy them. Unless I'm really craving one of course. But if a craving strikes I usually just buy one, bring it home and then spend the next hour or so eating it kind of like an orange while on the couch. Usually I'm also watching some sort of reality TV.

However thanks to Smitten Kitchen I have something new to add to my repertoire, Grapefruit Yogurt Cake!

Charlie is destined for fame and fortune! At least that is what I have been telling him. On Monday Charlie was lucky enough to be featured on Desire to Inspire's Monday's Pets on Furniture post. Charlie was soooo thrill about it that he just sat on the computer hoping that someone would open up the page and show him his picture. I think fame has gone to his head a little.

Charlie and I will have to try to take another picture that actually has more of a furniture focus for next time.