I have been a little unhappy with my kitchen table for a while now. I have also been watching far to many home decorating and design shows lately to just get over it. It isn't as if the table has a hole in the middle of it and a leg that is 2" shorter than the rest, it is just a fairly standard birch table. And while there really is nothing wrong with it I have grown tired of it. But every time I think that I'm just going to go ahead and buy a new table I remember that there is nothing wrong with the one I have and, I shouldn't just trash it because I'm bored of it.

So, I'm going to paint the table white!

I really don't have a lot/any actual experience with DIY projects but I like to think I have my wits about me and that I could pull something like this off. It is just painting after all. My big concern was the band of trim around the table that isn't wood and I really didn't know what to do about it. So I have been dragging my feet a little. But luck for me I have a father that is a pro at these types of projects and when my mom came for the weekend she brought a little package from my dad with everything I need to get the job done!

And, by next week I should have a lovely white table in my kitchen.

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