Do You Deliver?

I'm toying with the notion of having groceries delivered. What can I say I'm a little lazy.

But I'm also picky. I don't want cans with dents, apples with bruises or wilty lettuce. Nor am I thrill the idea of a stranger randomly grabbing produce and throwing into bags for me. But what a time suck groceries can be. I would rather not waste my own time wandering around the store searching for things.

However, considered this: personal grocery shoppers! I would be totally down with that. This is how it would work. You would go to the store, meet your personal shopper, shop together a few times until they gets the hang of what you like and your standards. And then all of the sudden he just does all your shopping for you! Maybe he calls you every monday and says "We just had a few new shipments come in and I have have put aside a few things for you." Then on your way home from work you would stop by the store and buy it! Easy.

I think this would work really well for me! I need to tell someone about this ideal. Unless I win the lotto max this week and move to France. Then I would be happy enough to do my own shopping.

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