I have a notion stuck in my head that in order to fully become an adult I need to begin following a few simple rules.

The rules:
1. Buy wine by the case. There really is no need to be messing around buying a bottle here and a bottle here. If you find something you like buy a case of it.
2. Set up a home bar. Something simple is all I really want. Maybe a tray with a couple of nice tumblers and a few decanters filled with brandy and gin. I'm just a simple girl after all.

I am fairly certain that once I start living my life by the aforementioned guidelines I will become an adult.

But as I'm sure you know the transition isn't an easy one. And due to my current storage realities the first step towards becoming an adult is really not an option for me. However, I really have forged ahead with the whole bar notion. Luck for me I have trays galore and a set of lovely iittala aarne tumblers. The whole bar project was half finished before it even began!

And on Friday with the purchase of two terrific decanters I officially (at least by my standards) became half adult!

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