Clutter Removal

Perhaps you are like me, when you move into a new house you mind is full of grand ideas that at the time seem like they will change the world. Or at least change your world.

This was my thinking when I moved 6 months ago. I had plans and ideas! My first plan was to strategically placed a nice tray on the edge of the island in the kitchen. It was a convenient place to put keys, mail, receipts, you know, thing of that nature. But some how instead of putting the mail there and then cleaning it up and putting it away, the lovely catch-all tray just turned into a mass of clutter. Everything was throw in and just left for weeks on end. So it was time to abandon my genius plan and make a change. And the new solution WILL not encourage the collection of clutter.

Charlie, my partner in crime wasn't all that helpful. He spent most of his time lounging. He did however giving me a few encouraging meows now and again.

Ta-da! The final arrangement. No more massive pile of clutter. Now all I have to do is keep the fruit bowl stocked and the cat out of the fruit bowl. As is happens I have a cat the enjoys apricots, plums, peaches, and nectarine.

Now on to the next area! The espresso machine.


Russ said...

The way I handle mountains of incoming mail is I set the stuff I know I have to handle in a basket and the rest of the mail (which is the vast majority) that I can't make my mind up on. I put in a waste basket where I can retreive it later if I want and If it doesn't get retreived in a week or so... out it goes. This may sound stupid but if you try it you will see that it really gets rid of a lot of clutter.

Tina said...

sounds like a good idea! i'll have to give it a go. Thanks