I did not get caught up in all the Royal Wedding hype at all. Well not until Thursday afternoon that is. I think I must have been living under a rock because on Thursday afternoon I realized that the wedding was actually going to be on TV that night at 3am not Saturday at 3am which I had some how convinced myself. And I had no formalized plans!

So on Thursday like everyone else in the city I decided that I absolutely needed to make the Chocolate Biscuit Cake that the groom had specially requested. I headed to the store after work only to discover that all the Rich Tea Biscuits were sold out. Luckily there are about 20 different variations of this recipe and I found another recipe that called for a different kind of biscuit.

So, I made the cake. Talked a lot of big talk about staying up all night to watch the wedding and then fell asleep on the couch early and went to bed at midnight.

The cake however goes quite nicely with tea! Who would have thunk it.

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